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Hadro Techniek produces magnetic level indicators or level gauges for pressure vessels.

Hadro Techniek, “Customization on high Level”, since 1993 – Specialist in Float Level Switches and Level Gauges for industrial and marine.

Hadro Techniek was founded in 1993 in Breukelen, the Netherlands. After a nice guyed growth we have gone to larger premises in Gouda in 2001, where we are more focus more on the production of magnetic level gauges and float switches.

In 2008, we grew up here our premises after we have settled into our current premises on the Gouwe Park industrial estate in Moordrecht. Level indicators and float switches in this period has been the focus of our company. This enables us to deliver quickly and ensure perfection when it comes to these products, the entire company is equipped for our products.

An advantage of this is that there is professionalization as client is directly communicated with the manufacturer, as a consequence thereof there are no transmission errors or miscommunications. We deliver custom, each float switch or level unit is personally made by us. Do you need a special size or there are specifications that we must take into account? Then we create a tailor-made solution.

Scope Hadro

Hadro focuses on the customized products. Especially focused on the industrial and nautical sector. For the marine industry we have the certificates LRS and BV.

Hadro Techiek, partner for clients and projects

All of our switches and instruments are made in house in our own workshop. When the products are ready they can be delivered to the client. Sometimes at sea, but mostly for land applications.

In several areas our products have a different name or description. The name then comes in different interpretations and variations. For example, level gauges, magnetic level gauges, float switches, level meter, level meter tank, level measurement, float level meters, level device with two flanges, MLG, MLI, and level float gauges, level indicator, magnetic level indicator.

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